About Us

Welcome to the Greece Democrats!Greece pie chart

We are the local, grassroots branch of the Democratic Party.

We work to elect good candidates to office, through our volunteer efforts and fundraising.

We believe in honest & transparent government that treats every person with fairness and respect.

We expect full accounting of how our government is conducting the public’s business, with maximum opportunity for input from every person, regardless of personal connections or party affiliation.

We believe that opportunities to serve on public boards or to work on the town’s payroll should be made available on the basis of expertise and ability, not loyalty to a political party.

We demand that elected officials be accessible and accountable to the public, or risk loss of their position in the next election.

We believe in these values. That is why we are working to bring good government to Greece.

Do you share our values? Are you ready for good government in Greece? Do you want to pitch in and help bring about positive change? We welcome you!